He will go above and beyond for your furry baby without even asking him.  One day, Lenny went to walk her and our air conditioner stopped working during the middle of a hot day.  He called and texted my husband and I immediately, took her out of the hot apartment, gave her plenty of liquids, and kept her in a cooler place until maintenance fixed the air conditioner.    

I strongly recommend Walks With Lenny for dog-walking and boarding services.  He is absolutely fabulous and is truly passionate about your pet's happiness and well-being. 

-Kat G. 

If you ask ANYONE, I am highly obsessed with my dog, Zeus and would never consider leaving him with just ANYONE!  However, Lenny is the kindest individual I have met in a really long time.  His love for animals is really apparent.  He is amazing to his employees and everyone he meets (humans and furry children).  He is a kind soul and could watch or walk Zeus anytime

-Tina M.

Walks With Lenny

Walks with Lenny is the best service ever. He takes such good care of our two dogs. We hate being away from them, but Lenny makes use feel at ease. We always knows they love Lenny because from the moment he walks in the door the dogs are kissing and jumping for him. Lenny loves what he does and it shows. Sometimes I think our dogs would rather live with him.

-Stephanie N.